Afinca'o Train.jpg


Friday June 21 @ Midnight
Old Market Square

Free show

Afinca’o is an emerging group of passionate and experienced musicians from the Chicagoland area. Though diverse in their musical repertoire, Afinca’o is best known for their salsa, cha-cha, Latin jazz, and even some merengue performances. What makes them distinct from many other bands is the way that the conguero and timbalero both take turns with solos.

Led by Joe Mende on the trombone and coro, Afinca’o has been producing dynamic and lively toe-tapping tunes since 2007. Mende is joined by Renier Rosario (lead vocals), Brian Rivera (timbales), Bryan Fritz (tenor sax), Danny Feliciano (congas), Edwin Sanchez (piano), Oscar Lopez (bass/coro), Richie Santiago (bongos/coro), and Victor Garcia (trumpet).

Adding to the group’s appeal, each of the members have played with world-renowned Latin recording artists, including Gilberto Santa Rosa, Luis Enrique, Victor Manuelle, N’Klabe, Frankie Negron, Eddie Santiago, and many more. They love to share their spirit and passion for music with all those willing to listen and dance!