F E R R O x Sadye

Thursday June 20 @ 10 PM
RAW: JazzFest



FERRO x Sadye are a pop producer/songwriter duo that split their time between Winnipeg and Los Angeles.

On his own, FERRO is a Canadian pianist/multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, engineer, and songwriter. He studied music and computer science at the University of Manitoba, and is actively working in the music industry, fusing his two passions of music and technology.

As a composer, his work can be heard in such films as The Movement and Spring Breakers, in which he collaborated with electronic pioneer Skrillex.

Sadye is a singer/songwriter and frontwoman of the Canadian alt-rock band Efflo. As the lead singer of Efflo, Sadye recently opened for Ke$ha in Milwaukee on the Fourth of July, and has performed throughout the world, from New York to Montreal to Tokyo.