Kamikaze Girls

Tuesday, June 19 @ 10pm
The Good Will Social Club

From their critically acclaimed debut 2016 EP, SAD, to their 2017 debut album, Seafoam, Leeds-based riot grrl duo Kamikaze Girls have used music as a means to challenge attitudes and taboos surrounding mental health. Front woman Lucinda Livingstone’s lyrics speak honestly and openly about her experiences with everything from anxiety and depression to addiction — it is the way in which her truth bravely shines through the songs so strikingly that makes the band stand apart.

A 2014 incident in which Livingstone was robbed at gunpoint on her way to work is central to what makes Seafoam such a triumphant record — the sense of closure and acceptance of these events that Livingstone clearly achieved through writing. Livingstone and drummer Conor Dawson explore wider musical influences from shoegaze, fuzz-pop, and the heavier side of the genre-spectrum they call home. Their aim has always been to show their strength and solidarity to other young people in the same position, and to work alongside other bands in the scene to help stamp out gender stereotypes in music for good.