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Odd Outfit

Saturday June 24 @ 10pm

Good Will Social Club


Born in the basement of a Winnipeg home in the summer of 2014, the members of Odd Outfit made an immediate connection with their mutual love for various styles of music in the realms of jazz, psychedelia, shoegaze, rock, R&B, hip hop, punk, and instrumental. Just a few years later in 2017, their debut album, Up/Down, was released to warm reception. The strength of their sound lies in their different music experiences, creating an unbreakable connection to a vast palette of musical ideas and concepts into their song architecture. Odd Outfit's performances are described as raw and groovy: one moment you're moving to a repetitive jam and the next you’re drenched in an acid bath of noisy improvised psychedelic jazz. Odd Outfit are an act you don't want to skip out on if you're the dancing and grooving-to-the-music type of listener.