Saturday, June 16 @ 9:30pm
Old Market Square

With cascading stereo delays and sub-frequency howls, French multi-instrumentalist Mario Lepage’s Ponteix has begun to take shape. Gaining notoriety through some heavyweight Francophone competitions as a solo artist, Lepage’s project has already begun to build its home in both anglophone and francophone communities with content that has the ability to traverse the language barrier by delivering both message and emotion through sound.

On the verge of existential and extraterrestrial, Lepage’s clever lyrics and intoxicating vocal timbre rest themselves on an ocean of anxious rhythms and tidal-wave endings. With their 2016 debut EP, J'Orage, and a 2017 win for Francophone Artist of the Year at the Western Canadian Music Awards, the ever-evolving project finds a new horizon to stretch out on. With avant melodies sung in both languages, Ponteix has begun to take on the grand nature of the skies they write under.