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Monday, June 18 @ 10pm
Old Market Square

Growing up in war-torn Sri Lanka motivated Franklin Fernando to go to battle. But instead of taking up arms, he armed himself with a guitar and songs that speak of a century-old struggle and promote peace, empowerment, and prosperity. After meeting Rasta percussionist and a long-time veteran of Winnipeg’s reggae circle, Martin Valach, in 2010, the two formed the reggae outfit RasTamils. The band name combines two words representative of two cultures —

‘Ras’ (short for Rastafarian) and ‘Tamils’ (the name of Sri Lanka’s minority people). Combining these two words reflects the hope that Fernando and his bandmates share of cultures coming together around the world. Rounding out RasTamils are Christian DeVoin (bass), Brendan Kinglay (drums) J.R. Hill (lead guitar), Jeremy Rusu (keyboards) and Nabeel Aziz (rhythm guitar). Together, they create a beautifully layered and tasteful take on the classic reggae rhythms with ever-potent, politically charged lyrics.