The Wet Secrets

Saturday, June 23 @ 10pm
The Good Will Social Club

The Wet Secrets are a six-piece rock 'nā€™ roll gang fueled by a primal, fuzzy, punk-rock spirit and steered by a love of slinky disco, art rock, ā€˜70s horns, and AM-gold songwriting. Known for their signature red and white marching band uniforms, and harmonious layers of horns, synthesizers, booming bass lines, percussion, drums, and voice, they have a well-established reputation for a phenomenal, sweaty live show.

NPR included the Wet Secrets in their "Austin 100" list of top artists to watch at SXSW 2016, exclaiming: "Fist-pumping pop-rock fight songs, from a bunch of Canadians dressed like a marching band. Yes!" NPR also included the single, "I Can Swing a Hammer," on their Heavy Rotation list of "10 Songs Public Radio Can't Stop Playing," describing the band as "a colorful, energetic sextet that mines the spirit of '50s rock 'n' roll and '70s punk and runs it all through a 21st-century filter." Their 2014 album, Free Candy, won the 2015 Edmonton Music Award for Album of the Year. Their latest full-length album, The Tyranny of Objects, was released in 2017.