Friday June 21 @ 10 PM


Veneer’s enchanting trifecta of sentimental souls creates a universe of music that is soft, strong, and blatantly vulnerable. This multi-instrumental gaggle of creators is not your typical three-piece; accompanied by brass and woodwind instrumentals, and wielding six instruments in total, Veneer’s enticing harmonies and haunting hooks will have their tunes stuck in your head for days.

Veneer was formed by long-time pals and musical partners Sam Sarty (Living Hour) and Talula Schlegel (Animal Teeth) in August 2016, when they shared vocal duties on a song recorded for a compilation album released later that year. Veneer quickly began attracting attention from local promoters and sought out drummer and vocalist Claire Boning (Basic Nature) as the steadfast final addition to the band. Veneer has since developed a loyal following with their playful, tender, and captivating live performances.