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Winnipeg Jazz Collective

Thursday, June 14 @ 6:30pm
Old Market Square

The Winnipeg Jazz Collective is a group dedicated to performing music that is contemporary, creative, and Canadian. The majority of the music they perform has been composed and arranged for the group by members of the ensemble, or written by Canadians such as Rob McConnell, Daniel Jamieson, and Andy Ballentyne. WJC performances always feature top-notch improvisation, interesting and diverse compositions, and music you won’t hear anywhere else. The members of the WJC include Kyle Wedlake, Derek Frykas, and Sean Irvine on saxophone; Andrew Littleford and Matt Walden on trumpet; Jeff Acosta and Bill Green on trombone; Jeff Presslaff on piano; Julian Bradford on bass; and Graydon Cramer on drums.