#jazzwpg x Halloween on Spotify

Just in time for Halloween, here’s our #jazzwpg x Halloween playlist.

Some old, some new, all with elements of jazz woven throughout. We’ve curated it to be an appropriately spooky soundtrack to handing out candy while discovering some exciting new artists at the same time.


  • Lonely World by Moses Sumney - One of our favourite modern soul singers, with a slow-to-max treatise on isolation.

  • Funeral by Charlotte Day Wilson - A moody, soulful trip to the funeral parlour to clear the head and sort one’s thoughts.

  • Gloaming by Sarah Davachi and Fractals (Truth 3) by Jessica Moss - There’s nothing quite as unnerving as slow simmering ambient, so we’ve included Sarah Davachi and Jessica Moss for good measure. Both have had a series of fascinating and notable new releases: Sarah released Gave in Rest this past September, and Jessica recently released Entanglement.

  • Hanoi 6 by Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Unknown Mortal Orchestra released Sex & Food in April. In September, they announced the release of IC-01 Hanoi, an instrumental album that uses extra material from the sessions for Sex & Food. At nearly 10 minutes long, this track ambles through jazz, psyche, and rock. And when the sax kicks in at 3:42? Just golden.

  • Band of Gypsies by Cypress Hill - The new Cypress Hill record IS A BANGER. This track samples Japanese group Flower Travellin’ Band from their 1971 record Satori. Listen to the original track "Satori Part 3" here.

Victoria King