Jazz Winnipeg continues its mission to be a leader in furthering an appreciation of jazz music through presentations, promotion and outreach programs such as the Bridge Performance Academy.

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The Bridge Performance Academy showcases young artists performing music they love in their own communities at a high level of proficiency. It instills a valuable sense of pride in creativity and artistic expression. Ultimately, the goal of the Bridge Performance Academy is to give young musicians exceptional performance opportunities and the chance to inspire other young people in the audience. The band represents its own neighbourhoods and exports that community's voice and artistry to the broader community.


Jazz Winnipeg works with our donors to bring young people to the jazz festival! Working in partnership with Youth Agencies Alliance, the Tickets For Kids program provides community youth groups with tickets to attend select Theatre Series concerts so that they can life-changing live music experiences.

If you are interested in supporting the Tickets for Kids program and want to help get youth out to festival shows, please contact lynne@jazzwinnipeg.com or call (204) 989-4656.