Lounge FM - New Phone Who Dis/Act This Way

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Lounge FM

New Phone Who Dis/
Act This Way

Winnipeg R&B/jazz/soul/downtempo quartet Lounge FM have been riding high on the surprise success of their debut album, 2018’s Love Will Let You Down.

The group’s first release of 2019 is in a similar vein – impossibly lush, rhythmic grooves that propel frontman Corey Wohlgemuth’s breathless falsetto.

The digital single – especially “New Phone Who Dis” – builds on Love Will Let You Down’s promise of “Friday night bath music”, with new member Graeme Leaver giving keyboards an even more prominent role in the mix.

“Act This Way”, arguably Lounge FM jazziest composition to date, features a deadly solo by Leaver, as well as the addition of a trumpet. It’s also a perfect example of the way Wohlgemuth’s vocals float just above the other instruments, adding to the overall groove rather than standing alone.

With roots in small-town Niverville, of all places, Lounge FM have been slowly building a profile in the Winnipeg music scene, where they’re equally at home on a bill with heavy rockers as with jazz players, and if this single is any indication, their in-the-works sophomore release is going to turn even more heads in 2019.

Sam Thompson