Leaf Rapids

supporting bobby mcferrin

Sunday June 23

The Burton Cummings Theatre


Leaf Rapids is a tiny, secluded, once thriving mining town in northern Manitoba. Keri Latimer is a tiny, reclusive, singer-songwriter who married a bass player from Leaf Rapids and stole both his and his town’s name. Under this moniker the Latimers travel the world performing Keri’s strange songs. That is, when she is not hiding in her Winnipeg studio, mining for treasures and helping them find their ghostly voices.

On Leaf Rapids’ latest LP, Citizen Alien, the familial and ghostly voices of Keri Latimer’s late family emerge. The album started the way all good things do, with a story. A tale of the great-grandmother she knew only as tiny and soft-spoken, a gentle soul who only spoke Japanese. Who would have guessed that once, in her youth, that same little old woman stabbed a man with a pair of barbershop shears? That tale became the torch to light a new journey. As the years turned, Keri plunged into the depths of her family’s ancestral memories, resurfacing with stories like jewels that had been tucked away and forgotten. These she polished and kept safe, waiting until it was time to hold their colours up to the light once more.

Citizen Alien was released on in early May 2019 via Coax Records.