Alleyways takes two shapes: a blog and a podcast.

Consider them our 'dynamic duo’ – telling stories that explore jazz in Winnipeg and beyond. 




Sam Thompson

Managing Editor

Sam is a local journalist, podcaster, and unsuccessful musician with a deep – some might say obsessive – love for Winnipeg’s music scene.

His podcast, Witchpolice Radio, features interviews with local artists of all genres, and has been recognized as Winnipeg’s favourite local podcast or radio show for three consecutive years by readers of The Uniter.

The show was also nominated for a 2019 Canadian Podcast Award.

Although he didn’t start to appreciate jazz until adulthood, Sam has developed a passion for jazz that tends to dip a toe into the free/avant-garde pool, if not going fully “out”.

Favourite jazz album (at the moment): John Coltrane’s Ascension.

Jen Doerksen

LOCAL Features Writer

Jen has been writing about Winnipeg’s arts community for local student papers for several years, and is excited to move to writing specifically about jazz.

They are also the assistant editor at Stylus Magazine.

Jen has has also spent several years supporting musicians by helping with their communications, digital marketing, and social media strategies.   

Jen is also one of the members of BNB Studios, a visual content production company that works with musicians and artists.

They have a great passion for music and currently play drums in a new band called Second Age.

Jen’s favourite jazz album at the moment is Robert Glasper’s Double Booked.

Katie Fowler

Features Writer

Having performance experience through various mediums, music has played an integral role in Katie’s life.

While she hasn’t been performing jazz sax solos since attending university, she has continued to enjoy jazz from the audience seat, attending Jazz Winnipeg and other performances in the city throughout the year.

Her love of jazz has been put into action as a long-time volunteer for the TD Winnipeg International Jazz Festival.

When not writing for Alleyways, Katie is embracing her family’s culinary roots by perfecting her skills in the kitchen and is planning the next travel adventure that awaits her.

Favourite jazz album: Vince Guaraldi – simply too many to choose from!




Graeme Houssin


Graeme is a non-binary podcaster, writer and photographer based out of Winnipeg.

They are the host and producer of Drag in the Peg, a podcast series interviewing drag queens living in Winnipeg.

Their writing or photography work has appeared in VICE Canada, CBC Manitoba, Stylus Magazine and Sound, Phrase & Fury.

Roger Boyer


Roger is an Indigenous filmmaker, writer, director, producer, and cinematographer. 

Roger is one of the hosts and founders of the Aboriginal Filmmaker Collective, as well as a founder of the Indigenous Filmmakers Association (IFA).
Roger is also a producer of multiple podcast, including his own Koj-B Films Podcast.