Olivia Lunny

supporting elijah woods x jamie fine

Saturday June 22 @ 8 PM

The Garrick


Olivia Lunny is a Canadian singer-songwriter from Winnipeg with a sound that fuses catchy pop melodies and alternative waves. Since the age of twelve, Olivia has used writing music as an outlet to express her feelings. Songwriting has always been Olivia’s mode of self-expression, as well as a way to observe the world around her. Her evolving sound harnesses a mellow vibe with velvety vocals and ambient guitar sounds, combined with elegant lyrics exploring universal topics such as heartbreak and navigating the uncertain waters of entering adulthood.

Lunny has mastered the craft of original songwriting by combining emotional chord progressions with her incredible vocal range. The ambience in her recordings also creates a vast space for listeners to carefully heed each and every word sung. The selective use of percussion driving each track places listeners at the forefront of her sound, while presenting them with an irresistible urge to tap, dance, and sing along to her delicate stories. Olivia’s distinctive vocals remain a constant throughout her music.

Lunny has been active in the Winnipeg scene for a few years, snagging opening slots for some high-profile artists and earning a Western Canadian Music Award nomination for Pop Artist of the Year for her debut, self-titled EP, released in February 2018. She also landed a Chosen Artist title on CTV’s Season 2 of The Launch.