Royal Canoe

Wednesday June 19
Burton Cummings Theatre
In collaboration with 3PEAT: Royal Canoe + 3 Peat (RC3PO)


Winnipeg sextet Royal Canoe deliver a bright percussive style of indie pop, high on multi-instrumentalism and tuneful, layered songwriting. Formed in 2010 from the ashes of several prominent Winnipeg bands, Royal Canoe came together around the songs of frontman Matt Peters, counting acts like Outkast, Beck, and The Knife among their early influences. Along with guitarist Bucky Driedger, keyboardist Matt Schellenberg, bassist Brendan Berg, and duelling drummers Derek Allard and Michael Jordan, Peters and his crew released their third studio album, Waver, on January 25th, 2019.

Royal Canoe give you everything, but on their own maniacally hybrid terms. The band has always had an intensively rhythmic heart and is constantly experimenting in their art, delighting audiences every time with their novel and exciting approach to performance and sound.