Take a sip from the Fountain of Youth!

This past May, we held a cocktail contest in search of a signature drink to be served at this year’s festival. Finalists were invited to present their drinks to a panel of judges at King + Bannatyne.

Our winning mix comes from bartender Shelby Linden. Learn more about Shelby and her drink, Fountain of Youth, below!

Jazz Winnipeg: Tell us a bit about yourself, and your background as a bartender!

Shelby Linden: My favourite colour is yellow, favourite food is cake and/or cheeseburgers. I love long walks, but not on the beach - sand-filled shoes are not fun. I love books, romantic comedies, and female rappers. 

How I got into it? I was friends with bartenders who would make me lovely drinks. I wanted to know how to make them on my own so I could enjoy a cocktail while binge watching The Mindy Project (for the third time). I grew to love mixing drinks - and credit card debt is a very real thing. I got to learn about spirits and travel, and I’ve met some amazing people. I feel at home in this industry, and appreciate all that it’s done for me. Thanks to the top notch humans who introduced me to it all. 

JW: What inspired the cocktail, and how did you choose the name? 

SL: I created Fountain Of Youth with summer in Winnipeg in mind. Winters are long, we all crave getting back outside to really enjoy and appreciate the good weather - usually with a cold drink in hand. 

My pal Max (of Peasant Cookery) helped me with the name. It is the perfect fit for the nature of the drink: bright, bubbly, and refreshing. 

JW: Tell us more about the drink. 

SL: It’s made with  Tall Grass Strawberry Rhubarb Vodka, Frontera Moscato, grapefruit juice, Angostura Bitters, and sparkling water - best enjoyed with lots of ice and friends! I love the way the Tall Grass mixes with ease, lending a hand in all that fruity flavour - plus rhubarb is such a classic Winnipeg thing. The Frontera Moscato helps to form the sweet side of the bittersweet spritz-style drink.

JW: What are you excited to see at this year's festival? 

SL: I’m most excited to see Noname. Not only does she evoke emotion through her poetry and melodies, but her lyrics communicate the intersection of her experiences. At a time where our political climate is so heated we need to be listening to artists like Noname.

Fountain of Youth will be served at our Old Market Square bars, the VIP Lounge (also in Old Market Square), and at RAW:JazzFest (Parc Elzéar Goulet).

Victoria King