Sonic improvisation: experimental sounds from Civvie and Trio Telfær

Sometimes music can sound a little bit less like ‘music’, and more like an exploration of space, textures, and tones. Abandoning the classic chorus/verse, or head/solo structure for songs can offer artists brand new room to play and to create.

Winnipeg artists Civvie and Trio Telfær have stepped away from structure in favour of music that is constantly changing – relying on the tradition of improvisation and on picking up new sound-making strategies in the creation of their unique music.

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Jen Doerksen
TOP 5's

We asked some of Winnipeg’s most notable characters which 5 artists they’re most excited to see at the 2019 TD Winnipeg International Jazz Festival. Here are the acts they’re jazzed for!

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Michael Falk
The Comet is Coming - Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery

UK trio The Comet is Coming – Shabaka Hutchings on saxophone and clarinet, Dan Leavers  (aka Danalogue) on keyboards, and Max Hallet (aka Betamax) on drums – shape an intergalactic adventure through rich synths, distorted drum machines and the alternately soothing and stressful sound of Hutchings’ sax.

If the point of this album is to implore the listener to trust in something greater than themselves, it more than accomplishes its goal.

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Jen Doerksen
Three ways to experience JazzFest x CMHR

JazzFest x CMHR, coming June 18, is our festival within a festival.

The immersive concert experience at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights is like a ‘choose your own adventure’ night. We’re programming great music in a multitude of spaces throughout the museum, which will have its award-winning galleries fully open during the event.

It’s a lot to take in, but here are few sample plans on how to maximize your experience.

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Victoria King
Joshua Redman Quartet – Come What May

Sometimes, getting the band back together to put out another album after a long stretch can fall flat to fans’ expectations.

For award-winning saxophonist and composer Joshua Redman, however, his latest album is yet another indication that whatever project he touches turns into musical gold.

Released in March, Come What May is the first album for the Joshua Redman Quartet – although Redman has released numerous other projects – since 2001’s Passage of Time.

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Katie Fowler
A language of resistance: Winnipeg artists talk hip-hop and jazz

It’s not news that hip-hop and jazz share a longstanding relationship. Both genres are still expanding and changing constantly, and today’s artists are building that relationship deliberately.

Winnipeg’s jazz and hip-hop communities are closely intertwined, with groups like Super Duty Tough Work seamlessly blending the two. We spoke with some of the city’s mainstays in both genres about those connections.

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Jen Doerksen